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Status: Currently unavailable for standard VFX work. But always open to writing/editing work. I could do writing work in my off-time and I could certainly entertain options for writing/editing/copy-editing/developmental-editing/plotting/scripting for beyond. And as always: if you're an artist, send me samples of your work (a link to your portfolio is usually easiest).

Recent events with me:
* After 30 years I graduated with an English degree from Cal State L.A. I’m legit. And ready to work (especially for writing & editing).
* I worked on the Dungeons & Dragons movie. It was only a bit (the scene with the surprise cameo) but it’s always great to have contributed to a project that worked as well as it did.
* Completed the summer ‘22 L.A. Review of Books publishing & editing workshop. I picked up knowledge from various speakers in the book industry and worked doing copy-editing, developmental editing, and putting together a digital magazine.
My most recent story was published (as part of the aforementioned digital magazine).
* Made my movie & TV reviews public* (though it only goes back two years. I may post a document dump later). (* Facebook membership not required.)
* Found my Thor story from Marvel in a digital collection featuring stories about gods on Earth.
* Added a side-bar link to my Goodreads reviews (books).
* Changed the format of the text in this box. The old stuff might have gotten some casual attention but it might be better to have some fresher info.

Marlan Harris
Southern California, May 2023
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