The Professional Web Site of Marlan Harris
This is the web site for information on any work that Marlan Harris does.  If you want to check out what he's done or consider him for work, you've come to the right place. 

Currently available: Visual Effects: Outsource Supervisor/Production Coordinator/Roto/Paint/Prep Comp/Comp. Ready for remote work, with secure, hard-wired work-station (also Los Angeles area). Nuke/Mocha/Silhouette for VFX. Evenings, overtime, weekends & esp. last-minute work.

My demo reel is available to view. It shows significant roto and paint work from the recent past, in particular work on feature films. A detailed breakdown of work done on the reel is here.

As for comics work, my Thor story from Marvel Double-Shot #1 was reprinted in Thor: Gods on Earth. I also had a plot assist credit for "Tales of Blacke's Loch, Part 2" in Komikwerks Presents: Thrills & Chills.

I'm interested in editing and helping develop new comics projects with fellow creators so if you're looking for a writer/editor/co-plotter/scripter, contact me. If you're an artist, send me samples of your work (a link to your site is usually easiest). And I have a degree in English now, so, legit.

Marlan Harris
in Southern California

June 2022
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