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Status: Currently unavailable. But always open to writing/editing work. The hours on this job aren’t crazy so I could do writing work in my off-time and I could certainly entertain options for writing/editing/copy-editing/developmental-editing/plotting/scripting for beyond. And as always: if you're an artist, send me samples of your work (a link to your portfolio is usually easiest).

Recent events with me:
* After 30 years I graduated with an English degree from Cal State L.A. I’m legit. And ready to work (especially for writing & editing).
* Completed the summer ‘22 L.A. Review of Books publishing & editing workshop. I picked up knowledge from various speakers in the book industry and worked doing copy-editing, developmental editing, and putting together a digital magazine.
My most recent story was published (as part of the aforementioned digital magazine).
* Made my movie & TV reviews public (though it only goes back two years. I may post a document dump later). (Facebook membership not required.)
* Found my Thor story from Marvel in a digital collection featuring stories about gods on Earth.
* Changed the format of the text in this box. The old stuff might have gotten some casual attention but it might be better to have some fresher info.
* Finished another gig doing roto supervision for outsourced work. Weekends and a few long days, but a successful project.

Marlan Harris
Southern California, November 2022
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