by Marlan Harris

          Buffy, noble vampire slayer, is on a mission.  Her friend, Daniel (a new character) has been kidnapped by the evil and malevolent Spike.  First Buffy must convince her mentor, Giles, to allow her to go on this risky and dangerous outing.  Friends Zander and Willow support Buffy wherever her mission leads her, but there's only so much they can do with the unmovable Giles.  And even if Buffy was to get past Giles, there's still Spike, with a spell that could perhaps bring about the end of the world

          This simple, 5 page story is an introduction to Buffy, her allies, her enemies, and the BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER world.


Top 1/3.  ESTABLISHING SHOT OF LIBRARY.  Sun is going down, so there are long shadows cast over the ground.  This could be a shot of the high school and the library portion of it (showcasing the school itself), or perhaps a view through the window, to see the books and shelves inside and see this is, indeed a library.

          1.           GILES (word balloon generally coming from the building):  NO!

INSIDE THE LIBRARY.  The sun is going down, sunset as seen through the tall windows in the background, and casting long shadows over everything.  There is a dusky ambiance over the place, stark shading and little bright light. 

          Four characters in here-  BUFFY and GILES in the foreground, ZANDER and WILLOW slightly in background.  BUFFY and GILES are obviously arguing.  ZANDER and WILLOW are still going through books but are interested in the two main characters' argument.  They have pencils behind their ears, like they are in depth into their research.

          Surrounding the group are tables stacked with books and research material.  The books are in various modes of research, some open, some closed, bookmarks, random creepy pictures, diagrams and charts, notepads and notes.
          BUFFY, in the foreground, looks angry but determined. 

          GILES, also in the foreground, looks more concerned than determined in winning this argument.

          2.           GILES:  And that's my final answer.  NO. 
          3.           BUFFY:  But Giles
          4.           GILES:  I said NO.  You do NOT have my permission to go running after this- this 'Daniel' character.
          5.           BUFFY:  But Spike will kill him if
          6.           I said NO.

Shot of ZANDER and WILLOW in the background, looking up from their books, giving their two cents.

          7.           ZANDER:  Look, Giles.  Daniel's been kidnapped and SOMEONE has to save him.  It has to be us.
          8.           WILLOW:  And you told us yourself that Spike has to have Daniel- or someone just like him- to cast this spell.

Close-up on GILES, who is losing this argument.  There's probably a world globe in the background nearby.

          9.           GILES:  Zander, Willow, I really don't need your

Close-up on BUFFY.  On the table behind her, among the books, is a strange stack of something that look like wooden sticks.

          10.           BUFFY:  It's in the books.  Spike has Daniel and we don't even know how powerful this spell could be.  We just know it's                     bad if it's Spike.

Top 1/3.  Medium shot again of all the characters.  BUFFY on one side of the panel, GILES on the other, ZANDER and WILLOW in the middle.

          1.           GILES:  And that's exactly why.  It's Spike.  You're not going toe-to-toe with him, running off half-cocked into the night,                           with no preparation at all.
          2.           ZANDER:  We can't wait any longer.  According to these books, tonight is the only time Spike can cast the spell.
          3.           WILLOW:  We have to do it tonight.
          4.           BUFFY:  You're half right

Upper left middle 1/8.Another close-up of BUFFY, her facial expression changed, more determined and prepared for battle than trying to win this argument (which she knows she has already done).
          5.           BUFFY:  I have to do it tonight.  The rest of you aren't coming with.

Upper right middle 1/8.  Another close-up of GILES, now looking tired after having sparred with Buffy.

          6.           So you've already decided this is your course of action?

Lower left middle.  Just BUFFY and GILES.

          7.           BUFFY:  There wasn't any decision to be made.  This is what I was going to do all along.
          8.           GILES:  At least agree with me that this is far too dangerous in the first place?

Lower right middle 1/8.  BUFFY, turning back to grab her coat and the pile of wooden stakes (not sticks) from the table behind her.

          9.           Well until there's another slayer I can fight vampires and trade eye shadow secrets with, it's just me.

Shot of BUFFY, heading out the door.  The other characters watch her with nothing to say.

          10.           And me alone.  Sorry, guys.

Small, maybe 1/3.  ESTABLISHING SHOT OF CHURCH.  It's night and the church looks very dark and creepy.  All is still, except for a few leaves blowing by in the wind.  The luminance from the nearby street lights is dim, almost as if it is swallowed by the darkness exuding from the dark church.  The trees and bushes that once stood outside the church have long since withered away, leaving only wooden skeletons.  Of course there's a full moon in the sky.  (see accompanying photo, or use your own)

Biggest panel of the page:  ½ at least.  Inside of the church.  At the altar are a series of skeletons, ancient, open books, ceremonial daggers, crucifixes, ritual signs, and so on.  This panel is packed from top to bottom with weirdness, making it very claustrophobic. 

          At the very center is SPIKE, dressed in black ritual robes and covered in gore and blood.  He is standing and his arms are outstretched, like a mock crucifixion.  His head is held to the sky, like he is talking to some dark god who may or may not be listening.

          1.           SPIKE:  Verata  Sindu Cafatha  Neraxa

Left bottom 1/3.  SPIKE, bending down to a box on the floor.  The box is in the foreground, seen from behind, so we cannot look into the box to see what is inside.  The box is shaped like one of those animal carrier boxes- but not obviously so.  There is a wicked grin on Spike's face.

          2.           SPIKE:  Vecindu  Nekti  Fesarra

Right bottom 1/3.  SPIKE is hit hard in the shoulder by a stake.  He recoils in pain and surprise, his face surely shows it.  His other hand curls into a claw by the pain.

          3.           SPIKE:  ARGGHHH!


Insert.  SPIKE whips his head around behind him to see his attacker.

          1.           SPIKE:  Who--?

Biggest panel of the page, ½ at least.  SPIKE is in the foreground, pulling the stake from his shoulder, gore and stringy blood follow from his body.  BUFFY steps into the picture, holding another stake, her body pretty well covered in gore and blood, some bruises, some cuts, like she has been in a pretty good fight.  But that look of determination is still on her face:  she knows what she's after, she knows how to get it, and there's nothing that's going to stop her.

          1.        SPIKE 1 (enlarged):  YOU!
          2.           SPIKE 2:  There must have been fifty vampires guarding this place!  How did you
          3.           BUFFY:  Well, you know what they say:  Ashes to ashes

Left bottom 1/3.  BUFFY lunges at SPIKE, ready to drive the stake through him.  SPIKE dodges barely out of the way.

          4.           BUFFY:  DUST TO DUST!

Right bottom 1/3.  The two struggling in a heated battle.  BUFFY's stake slashes SPIKE across the face, tearing off a goodly amount of skin.  SPIKE's head turns with the force of the blow.

          5.           SPIKE:  WITCH!!

Left top 1/6.  BUFFY in the foreground, watching SPIKE as he jumps well out of her reach, to a high window sill.

          1.           SPIKE:  You have interrupted the spell, for which there is no forgiveness.  The spell cannot be recast now.  For that you will pay.

Right top 1/6.  SPIKE turning and opening the window, revealing the dark world outside.  He is obviously escaping. 

          2.           SPIKE:  But not tonight.  You win tonight, Slayer, but there will be other nights.
          3.           SPIKE:  Soon.

Left middle 1/6. Left alone, BUFFY looks the room over quickly to find the object of her search.  Now there is a dire look of concern on her face, like she might have been too late.  The window through which Spike escaped is above her, showing the full moon in the sky.

Right middle 1/6.  BUFFY quickly turns around, drops into a squatting battle stance, a surprising sound coming from behind her.

          4.           SOUND FX (low in the panel):  GRRRRRRR

Left bottom 1/6.  A shot resembling the one on page X, panel 3.  BUFFY is reaching into the animal carrier box which is in the foreground- like Spike was.  Have the panel reversed at least (do not copy the panel on page X). 

          5.           SOUND FX  (low in panel like above, slightly over the box):  GRRRRRR

Right bottom 1/6, though this panel can be enlarged, since it's more important and the last panel in the story.  Don't make it too large, though.  BUFFY picking up and holding in her arms DANEIL, who is the cutest little dog you've ever seen.  DANIEL is licking her face, happy to be rescued, and unharmed.  BUFFY is holding him in her arms, an exhausted smile on her face.

          6.           BUFFY 1:  DANIEL!
          7.           BUFFY 2:  We've been looking all over for you
          8.           CAP (lower right side):  THE END.